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Our company operates within the sector of the wheat semolina production and of hard wheat regarding the pasta and bran industries directed towards the production of animal feed.
The knowledge of four generations at the service’ for the best technology allows us to provide our customers a wide range of high quality products, obtained with the best grains from all parts of the world.
Our reputation on the international markets and our intent capability of stocking prime material allow us to select the most prestigious grains to respond to the diverse needs and expectations of our final consumers, always more attentive to the high quality standards.
Our semolina is our most valuable demonstration.
The normal semolina constituted by an excellent and balance mix of hard national grains ideal for the house hold production of fresh pasta and filled pasta.
The special semolina obtained by the grinding of the grano duro of the best quality high in protein is ideal for the production of special pasta made with eggs and all the types of dry pasta.
The super semolina obtained by the grinding of a very hard prestigious grain, characterized by a natural intense yellow colour that lasts for several days without ingrigire and gives a thick and uniform grain; this semolina obtained only from the heart of the bean of the grain, is ideal for the hand made dough or made with machines.
The kronos semola produced with one of the best grains in the world cultivated in the wide western American plains, sweet in taste and rich in precious nutritional value. The high quality is distinguished by the high value in protein, the high tenacity of the gluten and the elevated colour.
The semolina ground again characterized by the typical yellow colour and from the thinner grain with respect to the semolina of hard wheat ideal for the production of bread, pizze and focacce from the fragrant taste of hard wheat that maintains its tenderness for several days. With this semolina, used singularly or in a mix, the dough absorbs the water faster making it easier to flatten and work with it.


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