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To celebrate our hundredth anniversary in business, 1910 – 2010, the Ferro Mill shot a film that records the various stages that characterize the supply chain of wheat, from the sowing of the seeds, to the harvest and the following transformation of the ear of wheat.
The Ferro Mill is also delighted to be able to organize tours within the company guided by experts in the field in the actual business premises, identifiable by Google Map as indicated on the website.
We believe that the company tours represent an important moment of visual concentration of theoretical concepts and a first experiment of personal insight into the informative flow of the company.
During the company tour in the Ferro Mill, it is possible to visualize the methods used to check the product, in the incoming and outgoing stages, the methodologies of storage and the internal productive cycle.
At the end of the educational encounters, didactic explanatory materials will be distributed.
It is possible to arrange these company tours by contacting us via e-mail. Our e-mail address is: info@semolerieferro.it


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