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Bran, fine bran, and starch represent the by-products of the grinding of hard wheat.
They amount to 20-24% of quality wheat, mainly made up of fibre, in such that they represent a more external part of the kernel of the wheat and, for the richness of their main nutritional value; they make excellent feed for animals of any specie and phase of breeding.
Fine bran is useful for a variety of dietary condition of various breeding animals.
In particular, it can be used in the bovine meat in the maximum percentage of a third of the concentrated mix.
The fine bran has a strong protective and nutritional value more elevated than bran and kernel, in such that it is highly requested.
In pork, it constitutes a very popular and widespread feed which achieves excellent results when administered as an addition to the whole cereals.
In poultry one can use it with a certain vastness of the composition of the mix either for chicks or for good layers.
Bran of hard wheat is rounder and amalgamates more to the finest bran.
Starch is composed by the mix of the finest flakes of external coating of kernel of wheat and the hard wheat flour.
It is considered the most noble by-product because of the progressive release and the selective remains of the lateral layers of the kernels, each characterized by a peculiar chemical composition and attributed with particular dietary-nutritional properties.
Fine bran and starch produced by us are highly requested in zootechny since it is enriched with flour that is never completely eliminated in order to increase the restitution of grain without any loss to the quality of the same products.


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