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The result of the grinding process consists of the transformation of the caryopsides of the cereals to farinas.
More precisely, the endosperm, that includes the amiliphera part and the aleuronic layer, is separated by the tegument parts and by the germ.
From the endosperm amplifier one harvests the refined semolina, from the tegument parts, the bran.
The modern procedures of high quality cylindrical grinding brings about a series of combined actions which include the opening / breaking of the caryopsides, the detachment of the endosperm amplifier of the bran, from the layer of aleuronic and from the germ, by means of reducing the grain measurement of the endosperm through a series of passages in the cylinders of the laminators.
The operation of breaking/grinding is accompanied by the separation / sifting of the farinas followed by planchsister and by refineries.
The grinding foresees, in such, different passages to ensure that the main part of the endosperm is converted into semolina and as such that the main part of the teguments are separated and removed to give way to the under product.
Our company has always been avant-garde by using new technologies and productions, having already adopted, as far back as 2006, the process of decortications pre-grinding in order to improve the performance of the corn mill.
The preventative elimination of the tegumental layers mediate the abrasion and friction layers which allows the grain to noticeably simplify the grinding diagram reducing the number of implants and the related passages used, and the advantages that it brings:
- an increase of the rate of grinding;
- at reduction of activity α-amylase in the
semolina and in the susceptibility of the dough to the thermal damage during the drying process;
- the production of the under products
characterized by the presence of the bioactive components capable of giving them added value;
- the improvement of the sanitary-hygienic
characteristics of the flour thanks to the minor presence of residuals of plant protection products, heavy metals and micro toxins;
- the improvement of qualitative characteristics of the flour as far as the colour is concerned, the minor content of ashes and specks.
The other asset of our production technology is without a doubt the modern optical selector Series Z of Buhler Sortex that selects and classifies the discoloured beans and foreign bodies present in the hard wheat, based on the optical recognition of different impurity that pass by at a high speed, thanks to the combination of the high-tech video camera and algorithmic capable of calculating the shape of the products.
The Series Z constantly brings out inconceivable imperfections thanks to its better resolution and to its higher relationship signal / noise that fully takes advantage of the sensors of the video cameras and the infra-red sensors at high resolution.
The first in the technological adaptation, allows our company to always increase the high quality standards of our final products in line with our mission to maximize the satisfaction of our customers.


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