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religious meaning of the ear of wheat

The kernel is symbolic of birth, a sign of hope and the future.
The ear of wheat is an emblem of spring, of nature that is awakening, conquering darkness and the immobility of winter, therefore, death. In ancient the changing of the seasons was explained by The Proserpina Myth.
Proserpina is the roman version of the Greek goddess Persefone or kore. The name may derive from the Latin word proserpere “ to emerge” which means the birth of grain. In fact, we can certainly attest to the origin of an agreste goddess.
Proserpina was the daughter of Cerere; kidnapped by Plutone king of Ade, while she was picking flowers along the shore of the Pergusa lake at Enna, she was dragged on her biga hauled by four black horses, she then became his bride and hence the queen of Inferi.
Only after her mother asked Zeus to liberate her, could she return to the surface, as long as she spent six months a year with Plutone. The This is how the Greeks explained the changing of the seasons.
Grain, gift from God, symbolic of work and human labour.
Every year, the seed dies in order to be punctually reborn with new life saving man from dying of hunger.
Grain in seeds, is considered as a visible and concrete metaphor: on one hand, its aspect are defenceless, its death is apparent; on the other hand, its power to grow, enclosed in itself, is identified as a source of life, no man’s land in the frontier between the living and the dead. Dying, in fact, is multiplied.
In the Bible, there are many passages that make reference to grain, particularly in the Evangelists where this plant domesticated by man was not only a divine gift and a sign of abundance, but it also represented food for the spirit.
Food obtained by grain becomes the body of Christ himself and, with wine, his blood , which represents, in excellence, the Eucharistic.
In this way, to quote our Bishop Mons. Giancarlo Bregantini whose words are extremely explicit and meaningful: “When a child is born an angel puts a kernel of wheat in his hand. If he tightens his fist and keeps it closed, the kernel will become mould. If he opens his hand the kernel will fall down into the soil, it will go in drills and become a sprout; it will not be lost but it will multiply.
If the kernel is mine, I am sad; if I give the kernel I am everyone’s friend, I open my fist, I realize that my problems are small in comparison to other people’s problems”.


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