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more than a 100 years of history

The passion and the seed have roots.
With its same intuition and nobility from men in the past, the Ferro Family from four generations has dealt with grinding cereals.
In actual fact, it was Domenico Ferro who, attracted by the rich resources of mill grinds of the area, moved from Frattamaggiore of Naples, with nine ovens and nine carriages, to Campobasso in Molise, on the January 1st, 1910, put millstones into action .
Then, in 1925, his son Giuseppe with his brothers created one of the first cylinder mills with electric propulsions of Meridione engaging the best Buhler technique.
While the first son Marcantonio moved to Cava dei Tirreni, Giuseppe Ferro distinguished himself in the whole region with his sharp intelligence and versatility in every operative field.
On October 13th, 1943, during the second world war, the establishment of Campobasso was bombed and set fire to by the retrieving Germans.
Nevertheless, his son did not lose hope and, in 1947 regained, with fortune machines, the milling industry increasing its productive capacity, without ignoring the local workers’ incentive in every initiative deserving the tributary award, of the Better Business Bureau of Molise, as artifice of the local postbellica economical reconstruction .
His sons Domenico e Vincenzo, with their inherited strength, constructed the company “F.lli Ferro - Semolerie Molisane” s.n.c., in 1972, today company with capital, evolving as pioneers of modern ecological establishment with the capacity of a daily production of 220 tonnes, entirely produced with the industrial machines of the prestigious Buhler company.
The structure, that has always enjoyed the trust and confidence of the entire national and international mill sector, has actually the productive capability of 500 tonnes and the stocking capacity of about 40.000 tonnes.


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