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Our mission is to produce Quality.
For us, Quality is “etiquette”, the foundation on which to build our business.
Ad is summarised using the three “E”’s: Efficiency, Effectiveness and Elasticity.
We work on a team with motivated work groups, hopeful and capable of rapidly changing to keep up with the pace of progress in order to guarantee a quality product with the highest standards competing with time and cost efficiency.
As a result, we modified, in the course of time, company culture and Systems.
The intervention of company culture, has brought us to the definition of our mission and its guidelines that has stimulated a new attitude towards our work and towards our customers.
Quality for us is, in fact, “customer driven” because the levels of performance and conformity of the company are established by our customers, the only recipient that deserves the high level of quality.
Our point of reference is, therefore, the full satisfaction of the needs and of the initial expectations following the client with respect to the set objectives.
The involvement of the company systems has passed along by the introduction of checking technique for the whole productive process, in comparison to the requirements set by the ISO standards through the declaration of the systematic documentation and the continuous monitoring.


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