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Keeping in line with our mission statement, our company produce and distribute quality products that satisfy the needs, the initial expectations and the successions of the clients in relation to the set objectives, and in a strongly competitive position with respect to the best competitors.
In this way the prime tasks of the company are:
- Continuously guarantee the conformity of the products to the specific requests;
- Guarantee the ongoing task for security of the products;
- Respond to the clients’ expectations;
- Conform to the rules and the
applicable standards;
- Conform to the codes and the vigilant laws;
- Maintain high levels of competitiveness;
- Maintain the continuous improvement of
its own prestazioni.
Furthermore, one recognizes that the achievement of QUALITY and the reliability of the products are obtained through training, involvement and hard work of the personnel at every level.
The dedication of every person in the achievement of QUALITY is requested through a strong duty of the Company Board of Director to the application of the managerial and operative systems of which support allows them to bring to fruition experience and knowledge and to resolve problems foreseeing solutions.
In attribution to the political presence, the Board of Directors assigned the Chairperson of Quality Insurance the responsibility of the full authority to maintain the SYSTEM FOR QUALITY MANAGEMENT according to the international norms UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 to render the Certification of the System on behalf of the organism accredited SINCERT, specifically, DET NORSKE VERITAS DNV-ITALIA.
The family of norms ISO 9000 represent an international consensus on the good practices of quality management to voluntary.
Constituted by norms and a guideline relative to the systems of quality management, and to the standards of support, developments from ISO that define the requirements to implement an organization of a management system for quality, in order to manage the company procedures, improve the effectiveness of the creation of the product and / or the allocation of the service, to obtain and increase client satisfaction.
Our company learned, also, for several years the HACCP system to ensure the safety of food.
The HACCP certification is a self-controlled system that every operator of the food production sector must put into action in order to evaluate, foresee dangers, risks and establish checking procedures to prevent the rise of hygienic and sanitary problems.
Among the objectives of the Ferro is that which is certainly to obtain the product certification through a document that certifies through the effectiveness to analyze and check on behalf of the third independent party, that the product conforms to the characteristic of excellence which is declared.


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